Taking Action Online

Taking Action Online Review

I am a student of Taking Action Online and this is my honest review.

Have you wanted to make money with a blog or YouTube channel, but wasn’t sure where to start?

Philip Borrowman has created this great course, called Taking Action Online (T.A.O).  I find his tough love sprinkled with truth bombs a refreshing change.  Instead of guaranteeing you will make money quickly with the push of a button or magic software, he tells you the honest truth about having an online business.  It is not a get rich quick business!

He breaks it down into easy to understand step-by-step lessons.  You can watch Philip start a blog and follow along.  He shows you on his screen what he is doing, almost like looking over his shoulder.

Philip truly does enjoy helping people build an online business.  He always answers my emails and has a great Facebook support group.  He even gives you access to the first 12 steps for FREE.

Here are the steps in Taking Action Online:

Getting Started 

Step 1 – Choosing a Niche

Step 2 – Building Your Website 

Step 3 – Social Media Passive Traffic 

Step 4 – Investing in Yourself

Step 5 – Building Your Foundation 

Step 6 – Creating Valuable Content

Step 7 – Create a Valuable Lead Magnet

Step 8 – Email Marketing Magic

Step 9 – Free Traffic Sources

Step 10 – An Optimized Website = Sales

Step 11 – YouTube Traffic Authority

Step 12 – Taking Things to the Next Level


TAO Step 1-5
TOA steps 6 -11

Premium Training:

Step 13 – Landing Pages & List Building

Step 14 – Making Commissions

Step 15 – Email Marketing Wizardry 

Step 16 – Expanding Social Media Presence

Step 17 – Outsourcing & Growing

Step 18 – Creating Your Own Product

Step 19 – Paid Traffic + Scaling = Making More Money

Step 20 – Going Full-Time

Finished?  Now What?!

Case Studies

Webinar Guides

Strategy Guides

TAO steps 12 -17
TAO steps 18 - 20

If you buy before April 8th you can get lifetime access to Taking Action Online for a one time payment of $147.00.

After April 8 Taking Action Online goes back up to $47.00 a month membership.  Next year (2022) Taking Action Online will be $97.00 a month membership. 

I have been blogging for a year and I learned a lot from this course.  There is so much information packed in here.  Philip is in the process of updating and recording the steps to make it even better.  I wish I had found it a year ago!

In conclusion

All the steps had valuable information.  This course is great for beginners and other bloggers or affiliate marketers struggling to make a presence online.  If you follow all the steps you will definitely be further along with your online business than you were before Taking Action Online.

I have bought several other courses and I found Taking Action Online to cover more information in greater detail for the money than those other courses.

So If you want to start a blog or YouTube channel check out Taking Action Online.  You can go through the first 12 steps for FREE and decide if you want to buy the premium training.  Just be sure to buy before April 8 to save money!

Philip also has Simple Traffic Blueprint and Simple SEO Blueprint sold separately.  These courses allow you to continue growing your blog and YouTube channel.


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