Hello and welcome to my blog. 

I am Karin and glad you are here.  

My blog is called “We Earn at Home”.  I have been blessed to work from home for eighteen years now.  I can work where I want as long as I have a wired internet.  Since I work for a hospital I can’t work when I want, but I can flex my time. 

I like my job with the hospital, but I want to be debt free and not have to worry about retirement.

I kicked around the idea of starting a blog for over a year, before I finally took the leap.  Big changes with my hospital had me wondering how much longer I would have a job. Things are still changing and you never know what can happen.

My son just started college, so I definitely need extra money.  I have started a couple of blogs and am finally making money with affiliate marketing.  I want to help others succeed and make money online too.

I owe all my success to Partner with Anthony.  See my review here on this blog.